Do you love our prices but live far where access is somewhat of a problem?Tyre Shipping Grand Tyres has ganged up with couriers around Australia to deliver wheels and tyres right up to your door in as short time as possible. Our deliveries are easy and arrive on time so no matter what kind of situation requiring additional tyres, well have them delivered within no time in these easy steps. This is a 4 step process as outlined below: 1.Select the products you require and proceed to check out where you enter the address for delivery, a cost is then generated and included in the totals. For peace of mind, you can contact us to add insurance on your shipping. 2. Make the payment and get your order confirmation. Your delivery is packaged from our warehouse and given all the protection it needs along the way. 3.Items are allocated a tracking number ready to be delivered through one of our many logistic providers. The package is made ready and then shipped through the logistic providers to the exact location you specified for delivery. 4.Once everything else is made ready, the delivery number is emailed to you and you can easily track and trace it until it arrives at your door. Just as simple as that and you have yourself tires to fit any occasion. In the event you require more assistance during the process our sales team is on hand at 03-97117774 to assist in any way they can. We pride ourselves, very much, in unique services and delivery of services that is beyond reproach. With a newly constructed fitment centre, you'll definitely be getting the best in custom tyres and wheels. We lead the way in innovation through online stores which deliver tyres at the right price all across Australia. Our catalog is a selection of tyres and wheels of the highest caliber and as you peruse through it, you'll be able to note the differences between the tyres as well as features that stand out in all of them. Keeping your activities running without interruptions means that you will also have to go for high quality and as for tyres, we have done just that. Our vast experience which spans years and has taken us through different situations with customers has also been a stepping stone to greater when we are able to give our customers exactly what they want and render services they can rely on. We have been able to improve our service delivery and so far, our customers already love us for that. Tyres and wheels are components that simply cannot be ignored and as you make upgrades to your car, do not forget to go for matching tyres that are as good. Transit time: 95% of our orders are dispatched the next business day once payment has been approved. Standard transit time is from 1 to 7 days.