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Terra Grappler G2® A/T Tyre

Tyre Details

The next generation of the Nitto All Terrain Grappler family, the Terra Grappler G2® A/T maintains the on and off-road versatility of the all-terrain design, incorporating a new compound designed for maximum tyre life. The Terra Grappler G2’s twin spiral cap plies provide bruise resistance and high speed durability, and are as comfortable on the road as they are off it. With a choice of two hard-biting sidewall designs available and a built-to-last construction, the Terra Grappler G2 demonstrates endurance in any environment and stands the test of time.

Key Features

  • Wear-resistant, high-grip tread compound - Longer tread life without compromising grip
  • Continuous lateral grooves - Off-road traction and self cleaning
  • Fringed block edges - Extra biting edge in off-road conditions
  • Computer-aided tread block arrangement - Low noise for an all-terrain tyre
  • Two spiral cap plies - high-speed stability and puncture-resistance
  • Two-tiered, full depth sipes - Improved traction on wet sealed roads
  • Block notch - Better traction
  • Coupling joints - Reinforces tread block rigidity to reduce irregular wear
  • Staggered shoulder blocks - Off-road traction and aggressive appearance
  • Higher stiffness bead filler - Excellent steering response, high-speed stability and durability
  • Dual sidewall design - Choice of two unique sidewall designs

Performance Category: Crossover 4wd

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Pattern: Terra Grappler G2® A/T

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Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
245/65R17 111T111T Call for best price
265/65R17 116T116T Call for best price
255/55R18 109H109H Call for best price
265/60R18 114T114T Call for best price
285/60R18 120S120S Call for best price
265/50R20 111S111S Call for best price
265/50R20 111S111S Call for best price
275/55R20 117T117T Call for best price
285/50R20 116S116S XL Call for best price
285/55R20 122S122S Call for best price
305/50R20 120S120S XL Call for best price
305/55R20 116S116S Call for best price
285/45R22 124H124H Call for best price
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